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Swab-It ampoule has established itself as the primary method for phenolisation after Nail Matrixectomy. The phenol is contained in a small, individually packed and sealed ampoule with an integrated cotton bud applicator.

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Due to the flammable nature of this product, delivery is only available to UK Mainland addresses.
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1. To activate simply push the applicator downward to stop, allowing the phenol to moisten the cotton bud.
2. Carefully remove the applicator and apply the phenol.
3. After use place the applicator back in the ampoule and the device can be safely disposed.

Holding the applicator securely (ideally placed on a flat surface) and no more than 5mm away from the ampoule, push the cotton bud into the phenol liquid. Do not push the swab from the end of the applicator as this may cause it to bend or break and could cause spillage. The ampoule should always be activated using the pre-inserted swab. The additional swabs provided in the pack are of a smaller diameter than those in the ampoule and should be used in a situation where the standard swab is too big. The smaller swabs should only be inserted after the pre inserted swab has been used to activate the ampoule.

DISPOSAL: Treat all used Phenol Swabs and ampoules as medical waste.

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