Amorolfine Medicated Nail Lacquer, 5ml

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Before applying amorolfine file down the infected areas of the nail using a nail file.
Clean the nail surface with a cleaning pad or cotton wool. Do this each time just before you apply amorolfine and file if needed to remove any remaining lacquer.
Using the spatula provided, apply the amorolfine paint over the entire surface of the infected nail. Do not apply to the skin around the nail.
Allow the paint to dry for about 3 to 5 minutes.
Avoid the use of cosmetic nail varnish (nail polish), artificial nails or dressings over the nail during treatment with amorolfine.
It may take several months after you finish treatment to see the full benefit of amorolfine. When used to treat nail infections, it takes time for your new healthy nails to grow out and replace the infected nails.

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