K38 Rechargeable Drill Dremel Micro Rechargeable Drill Promed 625 Deluxe Drill

Rechargeable, light weight and compact, domiciliary drill, with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery - up to 4.5 hours running time.

This quiet, yet extremely powerful drill offers speed from 0-30,000 rpm, complete with a high quality, powerful and lightweight SH300 handpiece.

Automatic switch off to conserve battery power after being left idle for several minutes. Lithium-ion battery takes only 3 hours to reach full charge and offers up to 8 hours running time. It can also still be used while connected to mains power.

The Dremel micro rechargeable drill is a popular drill among podiatrists for domiciliary use due to compact size and design.

Equipped with a LED torch light on the front of the drill provides more precision and efficiency for podiatrists.

Included for the price listed below is not only the Dremel drill but also includes the universal chuck which is compatible to fit all of our burs, along with a battery charger, accessories and storage case.



The Promed 625 comes equipped with the mains power adapter, handpiece, and manual.

Compact with an innovative design, the Promed 625 is popularly known for Its lightweight, ergonomic, powerful, and vibration-free stainless-steel hand piece weighing at 160g. Popular use for both podiatrists and manicurist.





Speed up to 30,000 rpm.
Up to 8 hours working time.
3 hours charging time.
Charger and handpiece stand.
Rechargeable battery level display.
Clockwise and counterclockwise operation.
Handpiece 183 g.

Speed 5,000 – 28000 rpm.
3 hours and 45-minute charging time.
LED Speed and battery charge indicator.
LED Illumination.
Universal Chuck included.
Accessible storage case.


Speed up to 25,000 rpm.
5 LED speed indication.
Safety stop - (Automatic Speed Control).
Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.
Rotary knob with bright, sparkling gemstone.



H 3 x W 6.7 x D 12.8 cm

277 G

Length 20cm

250 G

H 11 x W 9 x D 8 cm

950 G


£280 (EX VAT)

£336 (INC VAT)

£115 (EX VAT)

£138 (INC VAT)

£109 (EX VAT)

£130.80 (INC VAT)