Latest Special Offers Out Now Spring 2021

Our latest special offers leaflet has arrived. Meaning you can save on your favourite Podiatry supplies & essentials online all through until 30th June 2021. What are you waiting for? shop now at

Save On Must Have Podiatry Supplies


1. Swann Morton No.15 Blades

2. Autoclave Pouches Pk/200

3. CCS Foot Cream

4. Moore's Clip-On Discs

5. Melolin 5 x 5cm Pk/100

6. Loads More Online

Swann Morton No.15 Blades

Our most popular blade shape at the most competitive price available. The Swann Morton No.15 are carbon steel surgical blades. Ideally suited for today's Podiatrists. Blades are individually foil packed. Supplied in packs of 100, red box.

Autoclave Pouches

Available in 4 different sizes to meet your needs. Purchase these autoclave pouches, supplied in packs of 200 at either 6 x 10cm, 9 x 23cm, 13.5 x 25.5cm or 19 x 33cm. Perfect for use with vacuum autoclaves.

CCS Foot Cream

10% Urea in 100% synthetic formulation that's suitable for short-term hydration & long term control of dry, callus & cracked skin. CCS Foot Care Cream are available in 60ml, 175ml & 1kg Tubs each competitively priced to make shopping for your Podiatry essentials a lot easier.

Moore's Clip-On Discs

Available in Fine, Medium, Coarse or Extra Coarse. These 22mm (7/8") garnet gritted paper discs are single-use & with our latest special offer prices are perfect for stocking up on supplies you need right now. Each supplied in pack of 50.

Melolin 5 x 5cm Pk/100

A low adherent perforated film, highly absorbent cotton/acrylic pad with hydrophobic backing layer. Stock up on Melolin at a greatly competitive price from Just Care Podiatry.


If you have purchased or used any of the products mentioned, let us know how well they did! If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at

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